Hi Readers,

For those of you who are unaware, June is Black Music month.

In several upcoming posts, I will be paying tribute to Black American music.

This genre of music has left a distinct mark upon American culture.

Black music has at times been a panacea to slaves forced to toil for free under the hot and treacherous Southern sun.

It has helped to ease the immense burden of prisoners also forced to toil under the hot Southern soil on notorious chain gangs.

It has been a beacon for patriotic Black Americans in their quest to prove their worthiness of first class American citizenship.

It has sustained African Americans through the turbulence of legally sanctioned Southern segregation.

It provided a creative outlet for revolutionaries who adopted a militant stance in their journey to self-discovery and recovery.

It helped alienated urban youth in the last quarter of the twentieth century to educate indifferent Americans of the social ills that still held them in a death grip.

Finally, in the 21st century, Black American music is a solidifying force that has the power to transcend race and help us discover our common humanity!!!!

In my next post I will explore the wonderful glories of Old School R&B.

Until next time…….