Hello readers,


She has done it again!!!!

For those of you who are just tuning in, our first lady Michelle Obama had to contend with a heckler.

Michelle boldly confronted the heckler who was apparently a gay rights activist unhappy with President Obama’s administration on stances concerning the LGBT community.

I admit when I first read of the incident I cringed.

However, only for a moment.

There has been speculation that the heckler used coded racist language.

While I am not sure that I totally believe that, I do concur with speculation that she spoke from a position of “white privilege”.

I guess what the heckler failed to realize is that President Obama’s administration sets the policies concerning social issues.

Although the first lady at times has acted as the president’s emissary, I doubt very seriously that she yields the kind of authority as first lady to influence both houses of congress.

Though at various times in our history there have been first ladies with this influence such as Eleanor Roosevelt when her husband Franklin Roosevelt was president.

Unfortunately for the heckler, she was used to the president’s reaction to hecklers who purposely interrupt him at various official meetings and gathering places.

Maybe due to his many years in the political spotlight, Obama has become adept at public dissonance.

When faced with malice interruptions, he adopts a congenial manner and disposition.

While I believe it is the right of private American citizens to offer criticism of our government, doing so to the detriment of public officials to convey important information, is in essence similar to those who disrupt our government.

Mrs. Obama, in exercising her right to address a paying crowd, was maligned in some quarters as an “angry black woman”.

This label has been attached to her before.

Shame, shame, shame.

Shame on the segment of the American public who still adhere to stereotypical images of African Americans!!!!

Shame and pity on those who want to typify African American as not human!!!!

Imagine readers…..

What defines a human being?

Are we without emotions or feelings?

Consider if the president and the first lady did not exhibit feelings or emotions.

Take the Sandy Hook incident for example.

What if the president had addressed our nation devoid of emotion or in jubilant manner?

Can you imagine the backlash?

What if the first lady had tried to continue her speech in spite of the heckler?

I would have thought she would have been a sociopath.

Speaking of sociopaths….

They are devoid of emotions.

Thus, I applaud the first lady in standing up and refusing to be bullied.

In that defining moment, I saw a representative of the most powerful office in the world; a bona fide government official commanding respect; a woman representing all women on the political stage; and finally, a Black woman exhibiting extreme grace under fire.

One last thought readers…

Whether you are attempting to vilify her as number one enemy of the state, or uphold her as a saint, she is a human being just like the rest of us who unfortunately has to worry that her every maneuver is constantly under surveillance

Until next time…..