Hello Readers,

I know we have all heard about and have had a chance to contemplate Angelina Jolie’s brave choice to have a double mastectomy after learning that her chances of developing breast and ovarian cancers are extremely high.

When I read of her decision, I immediately wondered what I would have done in that situation.

I reasoned that if I didn’t have cancer, then I would not have made such a radical decision.

After much contemplation, I still feel the exact way.


I guess my choice stems from my deep insecurities about my body and my inability to sustain romantic relationships with the opposite sex.

I remember a couple of years back when I was 29 or 30.

A guy that I once cared deeply about came back into my life.

At that time I was serving a year abroad in Spain with the US military.

Anyway, as customary with military service, physicals and dental checks ups are mandatory.

So, I had a routine checkup.

I noticed in the doctor’s office an object that appeared to be a breast.

This fake object was used so women could get a sense of what a lump felt like.

After feeling it, I informed the doctor that my breast contained lumps with the same likeness.

After a careful examination, she informed me that instead of a lump, I had fibroids.

Apparently, this condition is common in women and has to be monitored closely.

After this close call, I told my male “friend” what happened and asked him would he still want me if I developed breast cancer and had to have my breast removed?

He was very honest and said that he would be turned off by any deformity!!!!!!

Deep down I was hurt but I understood.

After all, if had to describe our relationship, I would say that it was superficial in a sense.

It was sexual more than anything.

Thus, I sincerely believe that Angelina’s decision was made easier because she has a man truly devoted to her.

Maybe their early relationship was based on a strong physical attraction, it appears that a deep and unselfish love has developed between them.

In seeing Brad’s devotion, I surmised that if I had a solid man whom I know would stick by my side with the knowledge that I will forever be physically altered, then I might make that decision.

In addition to the double mastectomy, Angelina has also decided to have her ovaries removed to head off any chance of developing ovarian cancer.


Is that brave or what?

More than anything, I assume that her six underage children played a role in her decision.

Readers forgive me…

After learning that she intends to undergo additional surgeries, “freakish” came to mind.

In addition, I was a tad bit squeamish also.

I wondered if Brad wavered just a little.

I wondered if for one moment in time if he was turned off.

I still wander if he is a little squeamish about her body.

After all, we are human.

In addition, we have been socialized to the idea of physical beauty.

But more importantly, I wonder how Hollywood would now perceive her as an actress with great sex appeal?

I mean come on; Angelina is still young and was marketed as a smoldering sex symbol!!!!

Would she still be granted roles where she will have to bear it all as she has done in the past?

How will the public perceive and accept her as a sex symbol?

Because of our voyeuristic nature, I ‘m sure that we will be aiming for a glimpse of her reconstructed breast.

While I am not sure if Angelina will portray any characters where she will have to bare her body, it would not surprise me if she did a photo spread or a role that calls for nudity just to educate us!!!!

While I admit that I have never been a fan of Jolie’s movies or cared much for her public persona, I concede to her the highest respect and praise!!!


To make a choice such as this where women in Hollywood are valued because of their bodies is nothing short of amazing.

Kudos Angelina!!!

Until next time….