Kelly & Beyonce

Hello readers,

Why is it that we love comparisons?

Specifically comparisons where one has to be better than the other?

Take for instance Kelly Rowland’s recent admission in a new song that she was jealous of Beyoncé’s success.

I remember when the group took a hiatus and Beyoncé recorded her wildly successful Crazy in Love album.

I was listening to a morning broadcast of WGCI in Chicago and the morning deejays were comparing the success of the albums of the trio.

One deejay made a crack that Beyoncé’s album went triple Platinum while the albums of the other girls went brick.

I am sure this was the sentiment of other celebrity pundits and fans as well.

I must admit, Beyoncé was truly on and at the top of her game.

Man, she was on fire!!!!!

Also, I felt in a small way that she had abandoned her girls-her homies.

However, (think Diana Ross and the Supremes) I understand when an artist needs the chance to fly solo and spread their wings.

And boy, did she ever?

I ‘m talking mega fame, mega talent!!!!

Think Michael Jackson.

Who knows, maybe one day……

Kelly’s revelation confirmed what I intuitively knew.

I have to give props to Kelly though-She put up a brave front.

Another memory…

A while ago the group was honored with a Soul Train lifetime achievement award.

Beyoncé could not be present due to her filming Dreamgirls.

Kelly and Michelle gracefully accepted the award.

In acceptance they implored the audience to give it up for Beyoncé and expressed gratitude to God for bringing Beyoncé into their lives!!!!

Needless to say, I was awestruck!!!


Because I remember in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s after Diana Ross’s career fizzled out and suddenly there was a barrage of memoirs by former Motown label mates including fellow Supreme member Mary Wilson who dished on the agony of being in the background.

Here it seemed that Kelly accepted this as the inevitable and graciously dealt with it.

Let’s face it readers, Beyoncé is the type of star that demands attention!!!!

While I in no way think of Beyoncé as a malicious person (Again Think Diva Diana Ross), I do feel that she was often singled out by fans and the industry.

I remember once reading a candid article about Kelly where she discussed feeling inferior to Beyoncé because Beyoncé is so fair-which is still coveted in our society and the Black community.

She proclaimed that Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles made her aware of her great beauty.

Knowing that Kelly was a part of the Knowles’s household, I often wondered if Beyoncé ever played the “color game” that is very much a part of our Black heritage.

I hope not.

I seriously doubt it.

It seems that we subconsciously play the game for the girls though.

I can’t count the many times when I have heard African Americans vehemently announce that Kelly is more beautiful than Beyoncé!!!!!

Each and every time I hear this, I feel that we are transported all the way back to slavery where skin color was employed as a dividing mechanism.

I always say that both women are equally beautiful.

Ms. Kelly,

Please know that you are drop dead gorgeous.

You are a gem baby girl.

So what if Beyoncé is the star in the family?

You don’t have to compete with her.

Just continue to do you!!!

Just like Lucille Ball may have been the star, everybody still knew Fred and Ethel!!!

Well let’s call it a night for now readers.

Until next time…..

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