Hello readers,

Do you remember that old adage “be careful what you wish for because you just might get It?”

Well I guess the Jackson family has pondered this proverb many a day.

It would seem so now-especially in light of new allegations of sexual abuse.

Yes, again…..


Before I go any further, I want to give you a fair warning!!!!!

I am a devoted Michael Jackson fan and I have never wavered in my belief of his innocence.

If you have come to this post for an objective point of view or a balanced argument, I am truly sorry.

I will give you a moment to decide whether to keep it moving or to stick around for a live and livid going off!!!!

Okay, let’s get to it….

As has been reported recently, Wade Robson, now 30 years of age has come forward to claim that he was sexually molested by Michael when he was between the ages of 7 and 14!!!


Please know that I abhor sexual abuse of children and adults!!!!!!!

I believe this is one of the most heinous crimes that perpetrators can commit.

Unfortunately, in our modern society, the desire for the good life without the hard work required leads some individuals to become the master of the art of gross exploitation and some most vulnerable to the act of unabashed exploitation!!!

I remember the first time Michael was accused of sexual misconduct of little boys.

I remember being extremely appalled that he agreed to settle out of court.

After a recent conversation with a friend, she agreed that paying the money was a very sound decision as Michael attested to at the time.

He felt he would pay financially anyway with court costs and lawyer fees.

Plus, he wanted very much to move forward and salvage his damaged reputation.

And then, the unthinkable….

It happened again!!!!!


Oh no!!!

Needless to say, I was devastated.

The image of Michael being arrested as well as his mug shot will probably haunt me until the day I die.

Michael Jackson in handcuffs.

Uhm Uhm….

I mean the King of Pop who once seemed to transcend Blackness!!!

So transcendent a figure was he that the Black community relinquished its hold on this icon!!!!

But as it goes sometimes-think O.J. Simpson, President Barack Obama-Michael was suddenly swept into a dark reality.

Wait, wait before you protest…

Michael realized this assessment himself when he wrote They don’t really care about us.

It was the prodigal son returning home at last!!!!

What always disturbed me about those allegations as well as this recent one is the role of the parents!!!

I understand on some level the power of stardom in our society.

Honestly, I can understand how parents would let their star struck children spend unsupervised alone time with Michael.

Please hold on a minute….

This is not a blame the victim rant!!!

If there is any negligence in this matter, believe me it is the on the parents.

And this latest victim…

Lord have mercy!!!!

While I am sure he has his share of believers, he can rest assured that he will have his share of detractors and naysayers!!!

Most obvious is his financial claim.

My opinion?

If Wade was really seeking healing for his alleged abuse, why seek monetary damages?

I mean, I am all for bringing the truth to light in such incidences, but what about other accusers who have publicly renounced their abusers and didn’t seek monetary rewards but just plain old justice instead?

I know, I know, let’s back it up a minute….

Since Michael was a wealthy celebrity this might be the best justice as his chances of incarceration was slim.

And, in the process his reputation would be ruined right?

Well, his reputation has definitely taken a beating.

Please know Wade and future accusers who are awaiting the results of these latest allegations, a thorough examination of your private life will be made fodder for comedians and average Joe citizens alike!!!

But you know what, on some level, I think maybe Wade doesn’t care.


In this reality obsessed environment where washed up celebrities and wannabe celebrities bare all for public viewing, this may be the side show he is looking for to boost his career and put a little change in his pocket.

Well, I just wanted to show some love for the King of Pop.

And to all of his detractors-God knows he has plenty-bring it!!!

We can really get down and rumble in the jungle!

Until next time…..