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Hello Readers,

I know by now that everyone is aware of the increased bounty placed on the head of Assata Shakur.

How ironic that I wrote about her a couple of weeks ago.

I guess you can assume that the increased bounty on her head comes on the heels of the Boston marathon bombing attack.

I know without a doubt America feels that she is under duress from ever increasing acts of violence.

As an American citizen with over six generations firmly rooted in this country, I am very concerned about the safety of this country and its hardworking citizens.

However, I do have grave concerns about how we go about labeling and identifying those whom we perceive as threats to our national and personal safety.

Readers ponder:

Why is it that the media was quick to ascertain the insanity of the Colorado and Newtown shooters?

They annihilated innocent human beings who were engaged in everyday American pursuits: entertainment and education!!!

America is so steeped in its Darwinist ethnocentrism that anyone who is not a white male or proclaim a belief in fundamentalist Christianity, is automatically suspect in this current climate.

Let’s take a look back for a moment:

The 1960’s were a very decisive time in American history when the disenfranchised of our society sought to gain a voice as well as throw off the shackles of colonialism and the belief in the superiority of Western culture.

In stepped the Black Panther Party for Self Defense……

In its nascent stage they simply sought to protect their communities from domestic terrorism-the predominantly white, racist Oakland police department!!!

Consequently, the local Oakland Black population as well as the national African American population was besieged with problems that threatened to decimate its ranks.

Thus, the party expanded its platform that eventually captured the American imagination as well as the ire of public lawmakers.

Thanks to Hoover’s Counter Intelligence Program to conquer and divide these radical brothers and sisters, the party was severely fractured which led to the formation of the Black Liberation Army.

Like many “mainstream” or orthodox organizations that try to work for positive change, a grave disenchantment set in as well as a change in ideology and methodology.

Think the weathermen-an incendiary offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society.

Unfortunately, the Black Liberation Army was born.

Much has been written and said About the Army’s propensity for violence.


Are you kidding?

I ask what about America’s violence towards its darker citizens?

Can a country who practices violence as a rule expect it’s citizens-especially the disenfranchised ones- to be peaceful?


In trying to find her place in American society during these turbulent years found her way into the Black Liberation Army with disastrous consequences!!!

Unfortunately Assata became an unwitting victim of America’s attempt to silence its vocal critics who had the fortitude to call out and challenge the virulent racism so rampant at that time.

Thus, Assata, who became an unfortunate casualty in an attempt to violently curb a group of angry dissidents, had to flee the land of her birth and ancestors in order to experience the fruits of freedom!!!


America has a long memory and insatiable appetite to punish those whom she deems disloyal!!!!

For this Assasta must pay.

Please rest assured readers, like the mob, somewhere, somehow, they will make her pay.

Thus, I ask of you Black nation, are you going to let this brave and gallant fighter be led to the guillotine without protest?

Where are you the Black activists who bravely fought the good fight?

Bobby Seale

David Hilliard

Elaine Brown

Louis Farrakhan

Haki Madhubuti

Angela Davis

Amiri Baraka

Kathleen Cleaver

Harry Edwards

Bobby Rush

Barack Obama

Sonia Sanchez

Nikki Giovanni

Afeni Shakur

Where are the young generation of Activists to pick up the mantle and continue in our ever enduring quest for true freedom?

Where are the old heads who refused the temptations of the white power structure to sell out our fellow brothers and sisters?

Where are the  young heads who refused to be duped by the glitter and the gold?

Where are the angry protestors and marchers?

Are we going to stand by and watch our sister be pursued like a fugitive slave?

Or are we going to muster the courage to see that she is treated fairly in this very C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L justice system?

Well are we?

Until next time….

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