Terror acts

One would be hard pressed today to call America the land of the free and to an extent the home of the brave!!!


In the second decade of the 21st century, we have become a nation under siege…

From the gun and the bomb!!!

This latest act of terror on US soil was perpetrated by two naturalized citizens who took an oath of allegiance to America for better or worse.

Unfortunately, the Boston marathon bombing has come closely on the heels of the Newtown massacre.

Compounded with the Colorado movie theater shooting, we have to question our personal and collective ethics and mores.

Why does it seems that of all of the places in the world we are most prey and vulnerable to depraved and vile acts on a massive scale?

Readers, I know you are probably thinking along the lines of the acts that America allegedly perpetrates against vulnerable countries worldwide.

Okay, I will concede that point…

However, what about the homegrown extremists?

In particular, those perpetrated by White males who seem to uphold certain American ethos?

Let’s take a look at some of the most cowardly and despicable acts of terrorism committed against Americans in recent history….


Allegedly, the shooter was mentally ill.

Unfortunately, a private but still somewhat public medical condition has come abruptly into America’s collective conscious.

I pray that if one good thing can come from this tragedy it is that we can develop a better understanding of mental illness and make it a part of our national discourse.

Hopefully, we can bring this discussion out into the open instead of treating it as a dirty family secret or relative we are ashamed of and keep hidden in the basement!!!


This perpetrator is allegedly mentally ill also.

I ask you readers to consider for a moment the millions worldwide who suffer some form of a mental illness…

What is it that enables them to constrain themselves from unleashing calamity on an epic scale against humanity?

What is it that made these two “sufferers” snap?

Virginia Tech:

A Korean American college student with apparent anxiety disorders and possibly a mental illness is responsible for one of the most terrifying acts of terror ever!!!

I distinctly remember the issue of his ethnicity.

My first thoughts were of him collapsing under the stress Asians and Asian Americans have to endure because of the myth of the model minority.

I view this unfortunate set of circumstances as a consequence of the damaging stereotypes that we most often accept and internalize.


What struck me about the Columbine tragedy was that the two offenders were reported as being bullied.


In my youth I was bullied but perhaps not to the extent that these two youth were.

When they committed these acts, America was well engrossed in a youth pop culture.

Sadly, this culture mostly symbolized-and still do-superficial values and a world outlook steeped in materialism.

Does history really repeats itself?

It seems as if it does.

Why do these acts keep happening?

It seems that every time an cataclysmic event like this happens, we as a nation start debates on issues that we deem to be the root causes of these disastrous events and promise to pass laws and create a national debate.

But how long does that last?

Now that the intervals between these incidences are becoming far and few between, we can’t waste precious time on political posturing.

We need to act now!!!!

By the way, has anyone noticed that the offenders are becoming younger?

What does that say about us as a nation?

What is it that we are doing that are making our youth violently angry and this anger turns to rage and boils over to have a chilling effect on our country and the world?

In fact, how does the world perceive our youth?

Well something to ponder for now.

Until next time….