Stone Age


Ponder for a second…

The 21st century:

The age of technological innovation;

Think social media-especially Facebook!!

The age of impressive personal wealth beyond comprehension;

Think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet!!

The age of globalization where closed societies are opening and allowing for a meeting of cultures on a sometimes equal basis.

And perhaps the most impressive is the first self-identified Black president and leader of the free world!!!

I’m sure I don’t have to say think— right?

But just in case-Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!

Right about now you are probably thinking great right?

Well not so fast.

Consider this:

Why is it that in a technologically innovative world, people are still starving?

Why is it in a world that touts diversity as most sacred, that women still suffer second class citizenship?

Sometimes it is hard to fathom the images and stories of the fate of women around the world.

For instance:

The gang rape of a university student in India’s capital.

There are other such stories that will be seared into our collective consciousness for a long while.

For instance:

The total captivity and total control of young girls in the Amish community!!


A stolen childhood in the midst of a country that prides itself on almost unlimited personal freedoms denied a large segment of the worldwide population!!!

Consider still….

What about the young victims of sexual abuse who should be safe in the sanctity of the church but instead meet with the most heinous of crimes often committed by those entrusted with our spiritual health?

How many times have we been bombarded with the scandalous behavior of Catholic priests?

This behavior has become so imbedded in the fabric of our culture that I sometimes find myself becoming desensitized after I hear of another story of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church!!!

Ponder yet again:

Why is it that in the most powerful country on earth, women still have the glass ceiling to overcome?

My god, that ceiling should have been shattered to shreds by now!!.

In fact, where there was once a ceiling, there should be an open roof where sunshine can rain down every day!!!!

Why are women still sexualized?

I don’t know about you but I am still waiting on the sexual revolution where women truly control the way they are idealized in our society-not just a creation of what and how men think we should be idealized!!!!

Please keep pondering:

Why is racism still a dirty secret that we try to keep hidden but like the truth crushed to earth-keeps rising?

I say racism because President Obama still has to contend with a double standard.

The President-the most articulate of human beings was truly demonized in his bid or audacity to step outside of the bounds or roles that he was scripted to play in modern society.

I mean how dare he have the intelligence and the heart to want to make America truly live up to her creed of democratic ideas?

I mean how dare him!!!

Remember the antics of Donald Trump following Obama’s second win?

At last but not least ponder:

Why do we assume that we should have the right to decide whom others should love?

I remember being astounded during the political primaries a few years back when presidential candidates were debating about the merits of marriage and deciding that it should be between a man and a woman!!!

I kept thinking are you serious?

What about the real issues affecting Americans?

And, this last election was really a revelation of the idea of the 21st century still being a most definite primitive age!!!!


Because of some of the insensitive and downright ridiculous remarks by some male candidates hoping to outlaw or seriously restrict a woman’s right to a safe abortion.

May God help us!!!

In fact, may God bless continue to bless us!!!!

Well time to descend the soap box. It is getting late.

Until next time…..