Hello dear readers,

Have you ever felt slightly out of step with the rest of society?

When everyone is going right, you go left?

I tell you, that is the story of my life!!!!

I can’t recount the numerous times that I have felt somehow out of sync…

So many times I just desired to blend in and follow the crowd in spite of how that made me feel about myself.

I clearly remember my Southern grandmother’s admonishments:

“If everybody jumps off of a bridge, will you jump to?”

Take note of my ah-“abnormal” behavior:

As an adolescent pre-teen I enjoyed grownup music-and still do.

I have always been an oldies but goodies girl!

In the 1980’s I still dug the Supremes, Jackson 5, Temptations, etc.

On Saturdays, when all of the other children were outside playing, I preferred indoors to watch television.

My Saturday television lineup included the classic Westerns:

Wagon Train, Rawhide, The Virginian, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, High Chaparral, The Big Valley, and Bonanza.

Instead of hanging out with girlfriends or talking with them on the phone, I always preferred solitude.

In fact, I didn’t have any girlfriends growing up.

I was always more comfortable with my own company!!!

Are you thinking weird right about now?

I guess most peculiar was my overactive imagination!!!

For instance, I would always imagine myself as characters in my favorite TV shows and movies.

In my make believe world, I was a member of the Ewing family of Dallas and the Carrington family of Dynasty.

Tell me how “different” is that?

I even fantasized about a boy or two.

Trust me; I was not the girl that most boys desired!!

Sometimes in my make believe world I was white or definitely a light skinned Black with long flowing hair.

Quite often I imagined that I was the most popular girl in school with tons of friends as well as boyfriends.

In my fantasies I was the homecoming queen and very much desired by nearly every boy at school.

I was also the prom queen-that is just how popular I was in my made up world!!!

I was always wore the latest fashions and my hair was always impeccably groomed.

Unfortunately I missed this image of myself in real life by a mile!!!

Fast forward to adulthood…

There I am newly inducted into the US military many miles away from my very sheltered Southern town and family where I start to meet people from a variety of backgrounds.

Believe me readers, some of the people that I have encountered in that disciplined organization made my journey seem very ordinary!!!

Anyway, perhaps for the first time in my life, I had female friends-or any friends for that matter.

Eventually, I had a close sister circle with whom I could confide some of my wildest dreams and secrets.

As I acquired new friends and felt that I had to constantly be on guard with them, they quickly descended to the ranks of casual acquaintances instead of good friends.

Fortunately, this is a ritual that I still practice!!

As I rapidly proceed through my fourth decade, I realize an overactive imagination is spectacular.

Some our greatest leaders, business people and beloved entertainers are fueled in their success by their imaginations which has allowed them to think outside of the box and thereby attain success.

I also realize that vintage television, movies and music are a godsend in our world where everyone is obsessed with the latest cutting edge technology.

And as for winner of the Miss Popularity contest?


I wouldn’t change my current life for all of the fame and popularity in the world.

Where does all that recognition get you?


Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston!!!

These are lives lived in the harsh glare of the public where there every move and subtle nuance is witnessed.

No thank you!!!!

Take it from me, alone time is delicious.

What better way to get to truly know yourself and to reflect?

Reflection is good for the soul.

It gives you a chance to contemplate the road you have traveled and the current state of your life.

It allows you to gauge a clear plan of action to make any necessary changes.

As for solitude, it has allowed me a chance to get to really know myself!!

What I have learned about me?


But guess what?

I like it!!!

I will take uniqueness over the ordinary and mundane any day.

Besides, it can get very lonely in the crowd!!!

Well enough about me.

Until next time….