Housewives of Atlanta


Was there ever a time when we had a special bond where we could imbue each other with strength and support?

The reason I ask is because as of late, the total disregard and disrespect of Black women for each other has reached a maddening crescendo!

As I was flipping through the channels the other day, I caught the ending of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I saw former Miss USA Kenya Moore engaged in a war of words with her fellow cohost who unceremoniously informed Kenya that she was stupid.

Kenya in turn informed her that if she continued with the insults she would “be picking here teeth up from the floor.”

Afterwards, the other ladies all engaged in verbal combat with the white male moderator looking amused.

I have to say at that moment I was ashamed of these seemingly successful Black women.

These women have been afforded opportunities denied to so many of our sisters still toiling away in abject poverty just to keep body and soul together.

I guess the reason that I was prompted or inspired to write this post after viewing that segment is because Black women are so often stereotyped by Black and White society to engage in behavior that debase us.

Come on ladies, I know you are familiar with the many ways that we are typecast:



Need I go on?

Please don’t misunderstand me.

We have our issues as well as anyone else.

If we are put upon and need to “check” the perpetrator then that is fine!!!

No matter the color or gender.

I guess my sore point is that neither party didn’t want to or have the courage to engage in constructive criticism instead of combative in your face retorts!!


Please know that in spite of impressive strides and gains that we have made, for all intents and purposes, the power structure in America still tries to proscribe our place in American society at the bottom of the well.

All of the women on the show are intelligent and have achieved success in mainstream America.

Although much criticized, Nene Leaks success still serves as an inspiration.

Harmful banter hasn’t just existed with this crew of high visible Black women however.

Remember Aretha’s beef with Beyoncé?

It all started with Beyoncé giving high praise to Tina Turner as the queen doing a ceremony at the Kennedy Center when Tina was one of the honorees.

At the end of her high powered performance, Beyoncé called Tina the queen!!!

Lo and behold, the anointed Queen of Soul-Miss Ree that is-went into a hissy fit!!!

I was like really Aretha? Are you serious? Am I missing something here?

Girl please!!!

I mean you are the Queen of Soul and believe me ain’t nobody taking the spot!

I was disappointed in the mini drama-created and prolonged by Aretha.

Ironically, little miss B was the grownup!!!

She showed grace and class and probably didn’t need her father’s intervention to put a harness on Aretha!

Anyway, to kill that noise, the rivalry between supermodels Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell was the row that really threatened to blow the lid off of the sisterhood!!

Uhm, I thinking at this moment that I don’t have to give you on rundown on Miss Campbell right?

Well just in case you didn’t get the memo, Miss C seems to have no problem in breaking out the can of Whoop ass whether warranrted or not!!!

Poor Tyra.

She has stated that as a novice in the high powered and high stakes world of the supermodel, Naomi made her life a living hell.

I remember watching an episode of her talk show in which the audience had to be eliminated because the memories were still too painful for her.

In her defense Naomi shifted the blame to the industry that had little tolerance for more than one successful Black model at a time!!!

See what I mean ladies?

Just think for a moment.

What if our strong Black female ancestors would have adopted this attitude?

How in the world would we have survived slavery and those injurious years of legally sanctioned apartheid?

If ever there was a time when we needed a sisterhood it is now-especially in face of the high rates of AIDS that affects us disproportionally coupled with the stress of raising the babies by ourselves!!

The sad truth is that the housewives on some level have to indulge this behavior because drama sells. Unfortunately it is at our expense.

I guess the more things change the more the stay the same!!!

Just my thoughts.

Until next time…