Braxton sisterd

Although I have heard all of the hype from friends about the reality series Braxton Family Values, I have only recently started watching it.

Initially I was impressed with the strong bond of sisterhood on display.

Without a doubt the girls love each other very, very much.

This is evident from a VH1 documentary on Toni Braxton I saw shortly before I started watching the show.

Toni, the eldest as well as the superstar in the family, was discovered while in college and she had the idea that she and her sisters would make their mark on the music world as a family oriented group similar to the Jackson 5.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t in the cards and Toni ascended to superstar status as a solo artist.

However, she didn’t leave her sisters behind. They were never far from her as her background singers. Eventually they had a modest hit as a group on the coat tails of their big sister’s fame.

Fast forward years later, we have a glimpse into their inner lives.

I for one, love seeing positive images of black life on television in spite of my reservation about reality programming.

I personally think that some aspects of reality TV are very exploitive.

But, in this case, I like it because we see Black female empowerment.

I especially love the segments when the girls’ mother Evelyn makes an appearance.

She is a regal African American woman with such grace. And her love for her girls shines through every time.

I love how the girls call her “mommy”!

Like the real “sistah” that she is, she doesn’t hesitate to put them in check.

Troubling to me is Ms. Tamar.

As we all know, she is currently blowing up on the charts with her phenomenal hit Love and War.

I give her kudos for her current success.

Even though all the girls love their big sister Toni, I know that it must not have been easy for them being in her shadow.

And doesn’t Tamar sound a lot like Toni?

Anyway, I am shocked and somewhat disillusioned by her “Miss Thang” temperament.

It can be exhausting trying to be heard in a female dominated environment.

But still…..

She goes a tad bit overboard as the spoil brat.

She is loud and obnoxious.

I am almost tempted to believe that maybe extensive counseling should be in order.

Each sister has tried patiently to talk rationally with her in a one on one setting.

As usual she has a hostile response that necessitated the intervention of her mother in addition to a well-known therapist.

Dare I say it?

Tamar is acting G-H-E-T-T-O!

This series has the potential to be a very positive model for African American women and the African American family.

Please don’t get me wrong readers; I understand that the Black family unit is as every bit as dysfunctional as any other racial group.

We are a part of the human family and are endowed with flaws like everyone else.

However, Tamar’s behavior to me is bizarre.

I don’t fault her for wanting to have her own success away from the family. I even dig her and her hubby Vince’s new series.

I just only wish that she attains some of the grace of her big sister.

Tamar has the talent to go very far. She has a very beautiful and soulful voice.

Although her “attitude” may be in line with the whole current Hollywood scene, it could possibly be a hindrance as well.

Fame is fleeting.

We live in a world with a five minute attention span.

What’s hot today may be as cold as ice tomorrow.

For some reason, we don’t seem to be producing the superstars of yesterday who have staying power.

Anyway, this is just my opinion.

Until next time…..