I saw Cicely Tyson’s recent performance in the latest Alex Cross movie starring Tyler Perry.

She made me so proud!!!

I couldn’t help but compare her latest performance to that of veteran actress Helen Martin of the show 227.

It pained me to see Martin abused by the Wayans for a cheap laugh.

My brother however has a different sentiment.

He claims that she took the role of her own free will.

Be that as it may….

Don’t get me wrong. I am not demonizing the Wayans. I just disagree how they used her as a cheap prop in their movies.

Before the Wayans, Martin always presented a dignified presence on the small screen. Given the era in which she labored as an actor such depictions were hard to come by.

Unfortunately our young people who view these popular movies will never know the struggles and sacrifices of the older actors.

Cicely Tyson however, has always presented a regal presence.

Whether if it was portraying Kunta Kinte’s mother in Roots, or a strong survivor of slavery and Jim Crow in Miss Jane Pittman or an inspiring educator in the Marva Collins story, she always projected a regal aura.

For me she was the closest thing to African royalty in America.

When I learned that she was once married to the King of Cool Miles Davis, I was even more impressed.

I was mostly impressed with Miles though.

I wonder what was the attraction that drew these two together.

I know that Miles had years that were plagued with rampant drug abuse.

Maybe she helped calm his demons.

No matter what, I love the coupling of this duo.

I am familiar with Tyson’s body of work and I can’t ever say that I saw her portray an awful stereotype of Black women.

I know as a young woman she was a fashion model. I haven’t run across any pictures where she debased herself either.

Ms. Tyson is an all-around class act.

I remember her tenderness for one of her unruly students in the Marva Collins story.

The child damaged her family’s property. Her on screen husband played by Morgan Freeman demonstrated the disciplinarian so characterized in the African American community.

At the end of the movie her impact was deeply felt by the impoverished west side neighborhood in which she served.

To me her greatest performance was in Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion.

The speech she gave at the reunion admonishing the behavior of the young people while at the same time delivering a history lesson, was nothing short of amazing.

This role should be the standard bearer for all of those aging actresses that Hollywood has no use for.

Some debate the merit of Perry as a filmmaker.

I say kudos for Tyler for his wisdom. By casting Tyson in recurring roles in his movies, he knows that we don’t throw our legends away.

We bring them back one last time to shine.

Thank you Tyler Perry for making the world see that Sister Tyson is the grandest dame of the all!!!

Until Next Time…