The African American community is in jeopardy!


Our young people in urban areas are shell shocked!!!

They are in in guerilla warfare mode!

Violence to them is a normal part of their daily routine.

In a way, they are like the tail of a monster without the head.

What ever happened to the good old days when basically criminal organizations-read gangs-at least gave organization and structure to our youth?

Take for instance the Black P. Stone Nation.

Though for all intents and purposes, the Black P. Stone Nation was a criminal organization.

However, what I find most compelling was their uncanny ability for professional orderliness.

The Stone’s leader, Jeff Fort was a charismatic fellow who yielded a seductive power over Black youth in his impoverished community.

We have seen this kind of power in the African American community before.

Marcus Garvey of the Back to Africa Movement…

Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam…

Malcolm X…

These were all men of strong character who had the ability to galvanize our community on a massive scale-for good.

Dear readers please note that I am not a sociologist or politician..

I don’t possess the tools of analysis for either profession to assess the crisis of violence among our youth.

Instead, I can only offer my humble opinion on this grave occurrence that currently plagues us.

Imagine for a moment the hierarchy of power Fort created with his criminal empire!!!!

He formed the “21” composed of leaders making important decisions regarding his outfit.

Wow!!! Just think…

In another life or scenario, fort would have been a CEO.

His company would have been a fortune 500 company worthy of mention in Black Enterprise and maybe Forbes magazine.

His “21” would have been distinguished board members!!

Just imagine that!!!!

Please understand that I am not glorifying Fort.

I believe that street gangs are a cancer that is slowly killing our communities.

However, it is my personal belief that the violence was not as rampant as it was when there were levels of organization to these gangs.

Our youth today kill at random it seems.

In fort’s organization, killings and other crimes appeared to have had approval from the main council.

Although criminal, there is a lot to be learned from Fort.

He gave these young people a sense of loyalty as well as a place where they could be accepted.

I often think to myself after I witness another seemingly random killing that our boys are like bodies separated from the head!!!

In a sense I can understand retaliation.

I can even understand the law of the jungle.

And believe me, Chicago’s South and West sides for all intents and purposes are jungles!!!!

But ponder this readers for a moment…

Gangs are always going to be a part of our community; this activity is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society.


Wouldn’t it be better, if there was a sort of hierarchy in the same way as Fort’s gang?

Sadly, Fort treaded down a destructive path that really necessitated his incarceration.

This has been the fate of many gang leaders who are incarcerated for long periods of times thereby leaving their organizations without strong leadership.

Growing up in Mississippi, gangs never entered my consciousness.

Now, even the most rural and remote populations of that state are aware of the epidemic of gang violence in places like Chicago.

Again, please note that I hate and certainly don’t condone gangs-at least the violence was in my belief manageable or contained.

I could be wrong.

In the final analysis, new gangs are forming every day. The heavy splintering of these organizations without strong leadership terrifies me to no end.

I challenge our law enforcement agencies and politicians to rethink their strategies in controlling these gangs.

Maybe there should be more alliances with leaders for truces…

Appeal to the innate intelligence of these leaders.

Note intelligence…

Anyone who has the ability to organize people are intelligent tin my book!!

It’s just too bad the purpose of their organizing.

Anyway, what are your thoughts, opinions on this subject?

This monster will take all of the wit and caring from our community to cast it out for good!!!!

Until next time…