I finally saw the movie Alex Cross-an adaptation of James Patterson’s novel Cross.

As an avid reader of Patterson’s books, I was elated to see another one of his books made into a film.

I remember a couple of months ago watching the trailer for the upcoming film while I was online.



Because Tyler Perry was playing detective Alex Cross-an action hero in the Patterson series.

I immediately hit my brother up on his cell.

He registered the same shock as me.

At first it was kind of comical to see Perry so serious.

By now you can guess why it was funny to me right?

Okay one word…


I had plans to see the movie once it came to theaters but never got the chance.

I had intended to get it from the Redbox kiosk once it was released on DVD.

Even better, I got a copy from my local library.

This was more idea because I could keep it three days instead of the one allowed by Redbox!!!

The first night, heavy duty sleep was calling me.

Finally the second night with some much appreciated alone time, I finally got a chance to watch it.

While I can’t say I was blown away by his performance-the boy got some serious skills.

But let’s keep it real.

Right now Tyler is the man!!!

He is probably the most bankable Black filmmaker around at the present moment.

Too bad Hollywood is still playing the one at a time game when it comes to representing us.

Hence, all the hate from Spike Lee and Aaron McGruder. lol.

I viewed the special features on the DVD and noticed with interest all of the praise the author and director was heaping on my boy TP.

And, I thought what if Tyler hadn’t gained his phenomenal  fame from the Madea franchise and was just another struggling actor vying for that break out role.

Would he have gotten the part?

Honestly, in my opinion? NOT!

Hollywood is so about name recognition.

Anyway, my brother was hyped about his performance.

If you get a chance, check it out and drop back by and let me know what you think.

Who knows, our boy just might be the next top action star for the decade.

Move over Will, Denzel, Samuel..

Your boy TP is unloaded!!!

Until next time…