Snoop Dogg - Hovefestivalen 2012

Snoop Dogg – Hovefestivalen 2012 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Well according to this week’s Jet, it seems that rap icon Snoop Dogg, is shedding his doggish image-literally.

He candidly reports that he has mended his behavior from his dog pound days. He wants to “make music that he can perform anywhere including the White House.” Wow!!!

I can’t really say that I ever embraced Snoop as an artist. Maybe it has to do with his once unflattering remarks about women.

However, as rhythmically challenged as I am, I was definitely moved from time to time by his unique rap style.

If I have to call myself a fan, it would be of his reality T.V. fame.

While I believe that some reality shows are a blatant attempt to help repair the image of a waning celebrity, there was a genuine realness about Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood.

It was idea to see him as a loving father and husband in spite of his well-publicized infidelities.

But hey, consider what is like for a young man who has had his scrapes with the law as well as being reared in infamous South Central L.A. and then suddenly he is thrust into the international spotlight.

As is well known in our community, once fame comes, then enter the groupies!!!

In becoming Snoop Lion he says that rapping no longer inspires him. He says that he “has buried his dog bone but knows where it is if he wants it back”.

His embrace of Rastafarian culture will probably increase instead of decreasing his use of cannabis though! Lol!!!

According to a new documentary “posted below” he sorely needed to undergo a transformation.

Although at times a polarizing and contradictory public figure, his spiritual transformation is no different from other public African American figures.

I know that an analogy to Malcolm X may offend some readers, but his journey bears a striking resemblance.

In Malcolm’s own words, he abused our women. Malcolm, just like Snoop, had his youthful challenges. Both were no strangers to America’s prison industrial complex.

Both embarked upon life affirming spiritual quests.

Maybe as a result, both men have never become irrelevant in Black popular culture in spite of being co-opted by the majority white community.

They both have accepted spiritual beliefs embraced by black people worldwide.

Malcolm’s Islam and Snoop’s Rastafarianism.

His reggae album is due to be release next month. I am eagerly anticipating the release.

I know that some doubters-or should I say haters-chalk up Snoop’s conversion to just another ploy especially considering his once affirmative that he no longer would smoke marijuana.

However, I truly believe that his transformation is the real deal.

It will be of note to see how his embrace of reggae married with his unique rap style will be received by his fans.

Will it convert once skeptics like me into Snoop devotees?

Will his once loyal fan base Black and White desert him?

What about Black artists from other parts of the world-especially the Caribbean? Will they embrace him? Will his acceptance of this culture make his transcendence seem less of a gimmick?

What a bold and controversial move for a bold and controversial figure.

But then again, Snoop has never been a stranger to controversy.

Who knows, Snoop’s transformation just may be the game changer that the now bland Rap/ Hip-Hop genre so thoroughly needs!!!

Wait and see.

Until next time…..