I came across an interesting article in this week’s Jet magazine.

A young woman was a stripper in her younger days who apparently suffered from low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, she was a victim of the lethal hip hop genre where a woman’s value resides in her physical measurements.

She discusses the almost unbearable pain she suffered when she received butt injections. She noted that she had no idea what those shots contained and that she received them in an apartment by a woman.

By receiving those shots, she had the idea that she could make herself into the coveted image of the smoldering sexpot so favored by our bad boys of hip hop.

Eventually she matured and realized that true beauty stems from self-love and a close relationship with God.

Even with the positive images of first lady Michelle Obama, it is extremely disconcerting that so many of our beautiful women suffer from hip hop’s deadly influence. While I don’t blame hip hop totally for this sad state of affairs, I do believe that it deserves a lion’s share of the criticism.

I f I was still that same vulnerable young 20 something suffering from a lack of positive self-image, I would probably succumb to the same extremes as the young woman I mentioned above.

Lord knows, I have suffered many days while lamenting that I didn’t look like the women in the videos whose physical assets what are now to me almost comical. Double D cups and “super-duper booties!” Pleeeeeze…….

I guess it took living and surviving through those painful years and slowly coming to the realization that inner beauty comes from within.

I remember always wanting to possess the ethereal beauty of movie stars like Halle Barry and Dorothy Dandridge.

Ironically, the incredible beauty of these women has made their lives a study in the art of tragedy!!!!

Lord knows that I wouldn’t wish their beauty on my worst enemy!!!

Now I know that you are thinking that I must be crazy and just playa hating.

I do believe that the flattering attention may be good for a little while.

But wouldn’t it get to be annoying?

Well I can’t speak for you, but for me it would.

You see I am blessed (or cursed) -I guess it depends on the way you look at it- with an introverted personality. Basically our inner world is what is important to us. We are content to fade into the background and shun lascivious attention.

I always felt that it was much better to have that one special someone to admire and ogle you than seemingly the whole world.

Nowadays, I am perfectly content with myself. I know that my true value comes from within.

I guess my advice for those who still measure their self-worth through their bodies is to find an intellectual or spiritual activity that challenges your mind and spirit and takes the focus of your body.

For me it is writing this blog!!!!

Just something to ponder. Stay tuned!!!!!!