Soul Train

Soul Train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the early memories that stand out for me in my childhood is watching Don Cornelius every week on Soul Train.

As always, Don was very dapper. From his seductive deep baritone to his elegant stroll as he approached the artists for a quick interview after their performance, he personified the true meaning of Ebony cool.

Ebony cool for me is courage, confidence, and passion. Don was all three of these things.

His courage was evident in the very idea of him not only hosting, but owning his own show which became an international brand. By creating Soul Train-a vehicle that touched many lives-Don showcased the bravery, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit that is still evident today when we look at the explosion of young African American entrepreneurs who have propelled Black culture into the public consciousness of America and the world.

Don’s confidence is obvious in the adept manner in which he engaged the established and new stars each week. I loved most of all his interaction with upstart musicians. He would always append each interview with a new artist with an assurance that they had the talent for a long productive career as well as a future invite back.

Finally, Don’s passion is showcased in the longevity of the Soul Train brand. Don wasn’t a two bit hustler out to exploit Black culture to make a fast buck. He used his talent and his passion for life to display us in the best way. Because of Don, I passionately love and appreciate Black culture dearly and have decided to make it my life’s mission to preserve our culture and beloved traditions for our future generations.

As you always said each week Don…In your final transition, “I Wish You Peace, Love and Soul”!