Well it seems that “Air” Jordan is again accused of fathering an outside child while married to Juanita Jordan.

Apparently Pamela Smith is suing Michael Jordan for child support and acknowledgement that he is the father of her son.

Why is Ms. Smith coming out with this publicly after 16 years? While I agree with her assessment that her son has a right to know his father, it causes one to wander about her timing

I have to say when I heard this story I wasn’t even surprised. It appears that Michael was a serial cheater while he was married to Juanita.

I don’t want to get into Jordan’s adulterous behavior while married for several years. By now, we have come to expect married high profile celebrities to have had these dalliances.

However, what I think is worthy of discussion is the results of these liaisons-In particular, the children that are produced as a result.

Having an affair is one thing, but fathering a child is another matter altogether.

Let’s just say for a minute that it is discovered that Michael is the father. Then what? In all likelihood he will be ordered to pay an exorbitant amount of back and current child support. So what? The mother and child will enjoy the money for a while.

But what of the emotional cost to the child? Will Michael establish a relationship with his son? Will he give him what he needs to grow into manhood? Or will he just part with a little money and consider this a nuisance like Julius Irving did when he fathered a daughter outside of his marriage and for several years refused to acknowledge her?

I believe that it is highly unlikely that if proven to be the father, MJ will welcome the boy with open arms and establish a loving relationship with him.

I often ponder the fate of the offspring produced from affairs with high profile Black celebrities.

For instance, James Brown has fathered a few and paternity was being established well after his passing. Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the famous Jackson clan, fathered a daughter while he was married to Katherine Jackson. Reverend Jessie Jackson, Sr. fathered a love child while married to his wife Jacqueline Jackson.

Because these stories are made public, I wander about the stigma attached to the children. I mean really, they are the proverbial “Red Headed” stepchildren!!!

Are they accepted by the families of their fathers?

Will they grow up with a feeling of inferiority?

Did these women intentionally try to get pregnant by these famous men?

If so, what in God’s name did they hope to gain?

That the men would leave their wives and their families?

Our community has suffered enough of single parent homes where more than likely the Black mother is the head of the household.

If you women want to have affairs with these married men then go right ahead. Who am I to judge and criticize what is morally right? My only point of contention is the cost to the children who are produced by these affairs. African Americans collectively already have to deal with incessant problems of crippling self-esteem. No doubt, the world knowing that you are the unwanted result of lust and larceny will augment these negative self-perceptions.

If there is anything positive that can come of this perhaps his would be son would grow up to be a man of honor and not replicate the behavior of his father!!!