Here we go again. It seems that every I turn around another politician is being indicted on federal corruption charges.

This seems to be a disturbing trend in the African American political arena.

First there is former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on federal corruption charges for receiving kickbacks for granting city contracts.

Then you had the well publicized case of powerhouse politicos Jessie Jackson, Jr. and his wife alderman Sandi Jackson. Jr. is under indictment for misuse of campaign funds for personal use and Sandi for income tax fraud!

And now embattled former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been indicted for the ubiquitous crime of gaining financially from the granting of city contracts to friends and family.

While I firmly believe that politicians are not above the law, are Black politicians placed under a microscope when it comes to political hanky panky?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the former politicians mentioned above have not committed these crimes they are charged with. I also am not saying that they have not misbehaved terribly and should not face the music. To me it just somehow seems that they are very much under a microscope by the Feds.

To be fair, politicians of all hues have been called on the carpet and justly punished.

Take the case of the infamous ex Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Wow, if there was a picture in the dictionary of corruption, Rod would be the poster child. Although I think a 14 year sentence in federal prison is a bit steep. I mean, he was accused (and caught on tape) of trying to solicit the sale of Obama’s former US senate seat. Unfortunately, Rod is a casualty in the bid for Illinois to clean up its tarnished political image.

Also, there is the case of former Illinois governor George Ryan whose claim to ill repute is his license for sale debacle in which illegal immigrants without a grasp of the English language were granted licenses and the result was the death of an entire family.

Perhaps the microscope comes from within the African American community because we have invested much trust in these Black politicians to lead the fight for the betterment of our community…

Take Kwame for instance. He had a chance to turn Detroit around from a declining metropolis into the thriving modern economic powerhouse that it was once upon a time.

Take Jr. the heir apparent. Jessie Jackson, Jr. and his wife Sandi are the biggest disappointments because the geographical territories in which they represent are entering into a continuous state of economic decline without any relief in sight.

Finally, Take Nagin. Who can forget his impassioned plea for help for his beleaguered city during hurricane Katrina? Nagin gained my respect when he went on live television to try and hold President Bush accountable for his blatant neglect of Nagin’s city.

As is well known in the African American community we sometimes have to be above reproach. Although we are infallible and often commit the same transgressions as other politicians, the hatchet comes down upon us twice as hard.

That being said, these politicians should take responsibility for their actions and face the music.

However, there should be fairness in marshaling out of punishment.

More than anything, these disgraced politicians owe the African American community a great deal of reconciliation for the misplaced faith we have endowed them with.

In the final analysis, it is our community who should hold them accountable the most. But, we should be mindful to always temper justice with mercy and forgiveness!!